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A Note From the Therapist

  • Chiadi Ndu
    Chiadi Ndu

    In our environment we have been taught not to talk to people outside the family about ‘ personal ‘ things. We have heard statements like “No ooo… you cannot talk about that,” “You must keep that quiet,” “Are you the only one…?” “You don’t wear your problems on your sleeves.”

    Does this sound familiar?

    As a result of this, most of us have perfected the art of bottling things up since everyone emphasizes the negative consequences of talking about how you feel. However, no one ever tells us the consequences of pent up emotions – bottling things up- we don’t even know how it much it affects our physical wellness.

    Talking to another person, especially a trained professional gives you another perspective. When a trained person looks into a situation, they help you clarify your thoughts, identify your thought processes/ patterns and provide you support and guidance until you are able to overcome them by yourself.

    A trained listener’s view would be broader and healthier because they are unbiased and non-judgmental. Also, since they usually understand the science of the mind, they are unlikely to jump to uninformed conclusions but instead they will respect your views, preserve your privacy until you conquer every irrational or dysfunctional thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

    Our approach to counselling has been described as warm, relaxed and involving genuine care, acceptance and non-judgment.  We works with clients from a strength-based, positive, and affirming perspective.

    Remember, you don’t have to go through it all by yourself. An unbiased, non-judgmental and informed professional can offer you premium help- instead of that movie or that next glass; you can call us at BTH THERAPY.


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