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Counsellor Training

We imbibe our trainee Counsellors with professional skills to help them draw Counsellees out, help them discuss their problems, find release, think things through, sift their ideas, clarify their thinking, gain new insights, rid themselves of impulses and become well adjusted.

We teach our trainee Counsellors that Counselling is a process aimed at providing clients with time and space to explore their problems and resolve or come to terms with their problems in a confidential setting.

We train our Counsellors to know that Counselling is neither advice giving nor is it persuasion.

We train our Counsellors to understand that talking is therapy:

Talking is thinking- a good way to consider a thing is to put it into words. Expressing a thought out loud helps clarify it

Talking is sifting- Many things flood our minds but talking helps us sift our thoughts.

Sometimes you have a tremendous idea which falls flat when spoken out loud
Talking is clarifying- Talking brings things into sharper focus. It helps us to define just what we really do think.
Talking is release- Through talking we rid ourselves of poisonous feelings and pent up emotions. After we have aired our thoughts, we see things differently. Even the world about us seems to take on a more pleasant atmosphere.

We equip our clients through counselling and other forms of therapy

  • Cognitive restructuring to modify dysfunctional thoughts, beliefs and assumptions
  • Anxiety management techniques
  • Coping skills for stress and trauma
  • Exploring and reflecting on their feelings to enable them find a way forward
  • Exposure and graded tasks performance

Our goal is to help our clients

  • Adapt to situations that cannot be changed(e.g. terminal illness, death of a loved one)
  • Consider aspects of their life they want to change
    View their situation from a different perspective
  • Create positive changes
  • Develop coping strategies
  • Develop their full potential
  • Find the solution to their problems
  • Gain insight into their thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Grow and develop
  • Let go of painful past