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Stress and Stress Management


We trust that your year has started on a good note.

We at BTH WELLNESS AND THERAPY want to help you as much as possible to live a ‘health-full’ and stress -free life this year.Every day of our life, stress accumulates. Most of the stress we feel is caused by normal everyday hassle- traffic jams, no light, an email needing a thoughtful reply-not to mention balancing the demands of family life and work.

Most of us have too much to do in such little time!!

Our Autonomic Nervous  System (responsible for returning us to balance) is designed to cope with sudden danger or threats not an ongoing overload of stress. This is why constantly stressed people place an extra burden on their bodies leading to various diseases and illnesses. Chronic stress may even be a factor in sudden, premature death.

It is important to develop techniques to reduce stress and improve our health. To achieve these goals we must be more aware of our body and its stress responses- find new ways to eat, relax and practice calm daily living.

Lifestyle, sleep quality, time management, effective conflict resolution, nutrition and emotional intelligence is the focus of BTH WELLNESS AND THERAPY and the aim of this newsletter.

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The body does keep the score…

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