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It can be hard to find someone you can trust. You can talk to family members, friend or a therapist. Who you choose to talk to in entirely up to you, this will help you think through your problems and see them from a different perspective….

… I’m really happy with the way things are going in my life right now, that is not to say everything is perfect and sorted, my approach to life in general is much better than it used to be when I first got to BTH Therapy. I was digging myself a supermassive (sic) black hole by relying on other things and people to make me happy.”


“….. I’m eternally grateful to you for pulling me out of that rough space and so quickly as well! I constantly remind myself on what we have worked on together. Things are looking up and this year could have gone the same as last year did had I not met you…!”

“… I want to say thank you for all you have done for me. I still cannot believe this is me here just months after I thought my life was over. I want to specially thank you for the hug you gave me after I told you my story, the only other person I told said I was damaged, but you gave me a hug and called me special. I felt I was sinking and screaming for help but no one notice, no one could see that I was slowly dying until you came to my rescue when I came to BTH Therapy. Because of working with you through this process, I have a second chance at life. Today, I’m alive and well.”

 “Just can’t forget how much your words strengthened and gave me courage to go on. I’m grateful to God for His grace upon your life. I’ll always say thank you.”

“…I am safely back in the U.S now… whenever I think about all that happened, I know God loves me and was hearing me all along.  Although  I still may not understand why all that happened but the end is better than the beginning thereof. I want to say thank you for seeing the good in me even when it was difficult for me to see. Thank you for making yourself available to be used by God to change my life. Thank you for being at the other end of the phone and seeing me when I had nothing to offer.  You have been a blessing to my life and I will cherish you forever… God bless you and your family.”

“When I first got to BTH Wellness and Therapy, I didn’t know what to expect, but Mrs Ndu’s friendly and welcoming smile put me at ease. During our sessions, I learned to identify and understand my emotions, this gave me an entirely new perspective on life. My life has been truly changed for the better.”

“…. I was thinking about you this morning and how you blessed me the other day with so much love and understanding.    May God elevate you into a new dimension of His blessing.  Thank you Ma’am. Things are looking great now to the glory of God.”