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Some Of Our Visiting Consultants

  • Dr. Olufemi Ladeinde
    Dr. Olufemi LadeindeFamily Physician/Nutritional Consultant

    Dr. Olufemi Ladeinde graduated from the Medical School at the University of Ibadan in 1978 and he did his surgical training at Guy’s Hospital, London.He worked at a number of hospitals in the United Kingdom but found that the “symptom-centric” approach of orthodox medicine fell short of the very high standards he had set for himself.

    As a result of this, he started studying nutrition and its effect on health and the process of ageing. He took courses at the Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College and the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, both in London.Dr. Ladeinde now practices as a Nutritional Consultant.

      DR MATTHEW P. ZACHARIAHClinical Psychologist

      He is a consultant clinical psychologist at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital at the Faculty of Medicine. He has a BSC in Zoology , BSC Psychology, MSC Psychology ,PhD Clinical Psychology. He has several years experience in the clinical field. Dr. Zachariah is a member of various professional bodies, has several publications to his credit and has vast experience in conducting training programs, seminars and workshops(counseling training for doctors, health workers, bereavement counseling etc.) He is married with children and he hails from State Kerala, India.

      • DR EDE OJO
        DR EDE OJOConsultant Psychiatrist

        She is a Consultant Psychiatrist with over 17years experience in Clinical work in the specialty. She has special interest and additional training in psychotherapeutic techniques, with a solid track record using medications in combination with psychotherapy to successfully manage patients with general psychiatric conditions and drug/alcohol abuse issues. She has achieved incredible client satisfaction with very few episodes of relapse.

        • Dr Joy Ogbonna
          Dr Joy OgbonnaClinical Psychotherapist

          Dr Joy Ogbonna is a qualified clinical Psychotherapist. She holds a doctorate degree in Psychotherapy,  MSc Psychology, BEd Guidance and Counselling and a  Diploma in Social work.Her experience spans over twenty years as a therapist for teenagers in several Federal Unity Schools in Nigeria. She provided therapy as an intern psychologist to ECOMOG soldiers from Liberian War (going through PTSD) and their families. She also provided support for people living with and those affected by HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.

          Dr Joy Ogbonna also has wide experience in multicultural and multinational setting in Canada, where she worked for several years with immigrants and provided therapy to abused youths, teenagers, women and children.

          • Dr (Mrs) Ogonnaya Ndupu
            Dr (Mrs) Ogonnaya NdupuConsultant Psychiatrist

            A consultant psychiatrist with extensive experience in management and prevention of mental health disorders. Currently the psychiatrist and program director of House of Refuge, Freedom Foundation.

            Her passion about creating mental health awareness to the public led to commencement of her weekly mental health radio talk on Inspiration 92.3Fm.
            She is a fellow of National postgraduate Medical College and a member of other medical organizations. She is happily married with children.

            • Ijeoma Ugwu
              Ijeoma UgwuNutritionist

              Ijeoma Ugwu is a nutritionist who epitomizes dedication in her carrier. She is currently studying for Masters degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine in the renowned University of Western State, Oregon, USA. She holds a professional diploma in Human Nutrition, a Bachelors degree in Food Science and Technology and a Masters degree in Food Technology from the prestigious Gent University and Katholiek University, Belgium.

              In her practice, she accentuates the healing powers of nature applying her knowledge in Foods and its nutrients and sciences.

              She doubles as a nutritional therapist and health food creator. She is also intrigued by the use of nutrition in the management of chronic illnesses and conditions. Autism Spectrum Disorder and related conditions holds a good share in that interest.