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You are what you Eat

Welcome  to the second half of this year. How have the past 6months been? How well have you been able to manage your stress level?

Most people ping-pong between feeling ‘wired’ and ‘tired’ because they live under a lot of stress. When stressed, the body responds in ways that are not aligned with its nature and this reduces the quality of its health and its wellness. Stress is bad news and unlike most people think, it is not just a mind thing.

In today’s society, people rely more on the quick-fix method of stress-relief by gulping down stimulants like coffee, tea, high-carb diet etc but unfortunately these only create a rollercoaster ride of fuel that gives the body a burst of high energy followed by a plunge of ‘lows’ within a very short period. These ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ end up adding to the body’s stress burden and making one feel more distressed, tired, irritated and hungry without really relieving the stress. Clearly, what we put into your body has a very powerful effect on our mental, emotional, physical and chemical level.

The effect of nutrition on an individual’s stress level cannot be over emphasized. The body is the tool we use to carry out our daily activities. When this tool is not properly taken care of, it seizes to function appropriately. Fatigue, low energy, over-eating, high cravings and under-eating are all signs that the body is stressed and it needs to be treated right. One of the most effective ways of coping with stress is to eat the right kind of food.

Healthy nutritional habits and lifestyle helps keep the body in check.   Below are some of the right kinds of foods:

  • Whole-foods:  These are much better than refined food. Locally grown rice like Ofada and Abakilik rice are better than the processed and imported ones.
  • ​High Proteins e.g. beans, breadfruit and fish
  • ​Fruits and Vegetables containing fibre
  • Leaves and Greens containing vitamins and minerals​

Don’t forget that you are what you eat and how often you eat is just as important as what you eat. The first meal of the day is very often the most important one. Always aim to eat a good breakfast.

The body keeps the score!!

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